Transylvania on Horseback is an equestrian tour operator based in Viscri, arguably the best known village in Romania.
Located 80km North of Brașov, Viscri is an eight centuries old picturesque Saxon village, tucked between green, forested hills. The Viscri fortified church, built atop a hill, gave the German name of the village – Weisskirch / White Church, and it is listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site. The reasons to come here are plenty and Viscri is a great spot to begin a horse riding adventure trough Southern Transylvania, one of the most unspoilt regions in Europe.
Actually, Lonely Planet listed Transylvania in 2016 as the #1 Travel Destination in the world and recently as one of the Top 10 Winter Destinations in Europe.

Saddling up and going on a trail ride in such an interesting place is a treat. And so are the days spent here, discovering the local culture and enjoying meals slowly cooked out of locally grown produce. Our tours are done in close alliance with Experience Transylvania, and our guests are hosted in their traditional guesthouses scattered throughout the region.
Our Lipizzaner horses, bred since the 16th century exclusively for the Habsburg monarchy, are also part of Transylvanian heritage. The Lipizzaners are especially famous for their performances at the Spanish Riding School of Vienna.
Our aim is to offer our guests the perfect way to discover Transylvania and to enjoy the simple, good life that locals are trying to preserve.

Experience the best Transylvania has to offer from the back of a horse!

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Transylvania On Horseback
Transylvania On Horseback
Transylvania On Horseback
Transylvania On Horseback
Transylvania On Horseback
Transylvania On Horseback

Our Mission

When you book one of our tours, you contribute to the preservation of the authenticity of the communities you visit and of their traditional way of life.
We are a social business and we work with locals. Our aim is to raise the living standards in the villages we promote and, through cultural and environmentally friendly tourism, to support the sustainable development of the local economy.
On one hand, we are devoted to offering our guests the best experience possible; on the other

hand, we try to contribute to the wellbeing of the communities who adopted us.
If you wish to enjoy a fascinating holiday combination, including horse riding, spirited culture and history, active relaxation, authentic traditions, delicious food and unspoilt nature, this is the perfect place.
Our horseback tours range from a 3 hours’ stroll or one whole day in the saddle, with lunch included, up to six days of wandering over green pastures and through cool forests.

Our horses

All of our horses are Lipizzaner, a breed born in the 16th century in Lipica, in today’s Slovenia, and developed for the exclusive use of the Habsburg monarchy. The Lipizzaner is regarded as the true horse of royalty. This is one of the oldest breeds in Europe; the 400 years of selective breeding helped enhance the horses’ grace, intelligence and power to the level of elegance we can see today. They are especially famous for the impressive dressage performances they give at the Spanish Riding School, in Vienna.

All pure-bred Lipizzaner horses trace back to six classical foundation stallion lines: Pluto, foaled in 1765, Conversano, foaled in 1767, Maestoso, foaled in 1773, Favory, foaled in 1779, Neapolitano, foaled in 1790, Siglavy, foaled in 1810. Two additional lines were later accepted as equal to the classical 6 lines: Tulipan and Incitato. The Incitato line was started in Transylvania by the Bethlen Count, in his private stud in Beclean. The Lipizzaner are thus also part of Transylvanian heritage.

Transylvania On HorsebackTransylvania On HorsebackTransylvania On HorsebackTransylvania On HorsebackTransylvania On HorsebackTransylvania On Horseback