Easter riding camp

50 Kilometers 4 Days 6 People

Horse riding camp in Viscri

The village

One hour north from Brașov and completely surrounded by nature, Viscri is one of the most beautiful Saxon villages in Transylvania. Most of the colourful houses have been beautifully restored and 20 years ago the village was designated as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. If you get to Viscri, and moreover if you are accompanied by children, go visit the blacksmith and his workshop and see how horseshoes were traditionally made or take a walk to the brick kiln to meet the brick-maker and witness a demonstration of this old craft. Don’t leave the village without buying hot bread from the traditional bread oven found next to the evangelical church.

The accommodation

During your stay you will be living in heritage houses, restored and designed to ensure the necessary comfort of a pleasant experience while still preserving the atmosphere of a long-forgotten time. The restoration work has been done by the Mihai Eminescu Trust (MET) with local craftsmen and by using only traditional building techniques and materials. The houses are operated by local families under the management of Experience Transylvania, a social business that promotes cultural and responsible tourism. Guests staying in these houses contribute to the preservation of a healthy lifestyle in Transylvanian villages. The ladies caring for the guesthouses are skilled cooks, preparing popular dishes with produce from their own gardens or sourced locally. If you have time to chat you will discover they are more than happy to share stories about the customs and people of the village and about the serene and authentic lives they continue to lead today.

The riding instructor and guide

Cristina, our riding instructor who will be guiding the trails every day, is a certified international riding instructor IGEQ Level 1. She has over 25 years’ experience of working with people and horses in Europe and the Balkans. Cristina is more than a riding instructor, she loves horses passionately and invests a lot of energy and devotion in what she does. She has a gift in getting the people she works with to experience the special emotion of a bond between man and horse. As her second craft is photography, you should not be surprised to see her putting the reins aside for a moment and grabbing the camera wishing to record an image that touched her.

The riders

In order to make sure that all of the riders joining us on this camp will totally enjoy the experience and the best trails our region has to offer, we decided to limit the number of participants to six (6). Thus, the guides accompanying the group will be able to share some of their experience with each rider and the trails will be relaxed and completely safe. The camp is open to confirmed riders that are over 15 years old, currently riding regularly in English tack and that are comfortable in the saddle for at least four (4) hours per day.

Camp Schedule

Daily trail rides around Viscri and the neighbouring villages. Overnight stay at the Experience Transylvania guesthouses, the only 100% traditional accommodation in Transylvania.

Friday, April 26

Arrival in the after-noon, not too late for having dinner at 20:00.

Saturday, April 27

On the first morning we will be riding in the arena for a little while in order to match rider and horse and to prepare the tack. In the after-noon we will be going on a two-hour trail around the village and get accustomed to the terrain.

Sunday, April 28

On the second day we will be going on a four-hour ride. We will pause half-way and have lunch at a shepherd hut. In the evening we will attend a Jazz concert in the fortified church. Dinner will be served in accordance with the local Easter traditions.

Monday, April 29

On the third day we will be riding over the green highlands towards Meșendorf and then to Criț, two neighbouring villages. After the four-hour trail we will be dining in Criț and stay there overnight.

Tuesday, April 30

On the last day we will ride for three hours to get back to Viscri. Lunch will be marking the closing of the riding camp.

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