Six-day ride

130 Kilometers 6 Days 6 Riders

Six days in the saddle

This six-day horseback expedition is available for small groups of six to ten riders. It is one of the best experiences available with us, as you have the chance to be immersed in the local culture and get to know people and customs. You will also spend a lot of time in nature and away from daily stress so you can let everything else go and enjoy the ride.

All the landscapes and villages we are going to discover together are part of the Transylvanian heritage, and they are in one of the most unspoilt regions in the world.

To secure a place, you need to book in advance, so please give us a call or write an e-mail in order to discuss the best time to come here.

Kilometres through beautiful villages and cool forests, over sunny hills and green pastures!


Trip starts in Viscri. Overnight stay at the Experience Transylvania guesthouses, the only 100% traditional accommodation in Transylvania.

Day 1 - 16km

Viscri -> Meșendorf -> Cloașterf

Overnight stay at Dominic Boutique, in Cloașterf.

Day 2 - 26km

Cloașterf -> Apold -> Mălâncrav

Overnight stay at Experience Transylvania, in Mălâncrav.

Day 3 - 22km

Mălâncrav -> Biertan -> Richiș -> Alma Vii

Overnight stay at Experience Transylvania, in Alma Vii.

Day 4 - 18km

Alma Vii -> Bârghiș -> Veșeud

Overnight stay at Veșeud 11.

Day 5 - 32km

Veșeud -> Cincu -> Cobor

Overnight stay at Ferma Cobor.

Day 6 - 13km

Cobor -> Jibert -> Viscri

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